Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 41

8:15 pm with Libby

No double today, and taking the late class made it almost feel like I had a full day off.  The soreness in my lower back was not so bad.  Instead, I had some soreness in the elbows and arms.  That's new, and I think it means that I'm working something differently, which is probably a good sign.  However, I don't really know what in the practice is causing the soreness, so maybe I'm not as fully in touch with what I'm doing as I thought.

I had a pretty big breakthrough today.  In both sets of Standing Head to Knee, on both legs, I made it through the full set without falling out of the pose.  I kicked out for some of each set, and then when I thought I was losing it, I moved back to bent leg.  And I kept my standing knee locked for the full time.  More than anything, this was a matter of keeping focused, calm, and determined, while ignoring the deepening pain in my standing calf and thigh.  Just making it through these sets felt like a major triumph.

It also set up a positive attitude which helped for most of the rest of the class.  Even though I was almost totally exhausted by triangle, I still managed to do a respectable finish to the standing series, without skipping or cheating on anything.  And I almost locked my knees again in the Separate Leg Head to Knee pose.

The floor poses were fine, but nothing as good as in the Standing Series.  Locust, again, was a bust.  I spit up three times in the spine strengthening series.  I haven't had that problem in over a week, and it was too bad to have it come up (pun intended) again.  Someday I will work through this.  

On the other hand, I got all the way into Fixed Firm again, for the first time in about two weeks.  So my knee is gradually getting better.  And Camel and Rabbit were really good again.

I took some extra time in Savasana at the end.  One of the only problems with the late class is that I tend to be wide awake even at 3am.  I've heard, and am hoping, that the longer Savasana will relax me enough to let me sleep at a reasonable hour.  We will see.

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