Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 27 - Recovery

8:15 pm class with Amy

I half woke up for the early class, and then decided to sleep instead.  When I did get up, with a good full night's sleep, my knee felt all better.  It got a bit worse during the day, but its fine.  So, while I might be able to do with less sleep from the standpoint of my mental energy, its still important for physical recovery.

Class was a mixed bag.  It started out kind of weak.  The room felt really hot.  My balance has been better.  I struggled through Triangle and Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, but made it.  Then, even the floor felt really hot, and I had a hard time through all of the back strengthening series.

But on Floor Bow, I decided to really recapture control of my breathing, and then things just changed for the better.  I'm sure it was still just as hot and humid, but all of a sudden it wasn't bothering me anymore.  As a result, I probably did my best Camel and Rabbit yet -- deeper and at the same time a bit more relaxed than usual. 

After class, I felt more drained than usual, and I had an amazing tingling feeling through most of my body.  It just felt like everything was a bit more alive.  

It turns out that 60 days is sort of the mid level challenge at Bikram studios.  Lost of studios offer 30 day challenges.  But it also turns out that the 100 day challenge is pretty standard as well.  According to Mary Jarvis, a teacher in San Francisco, the first 30 days works over the body, the next 30 days works the emotions, the next 30 days after that integrates everything that has been torn down, and the last 11 days is like the cherry on top.  (The reason its 11 days, is because the first rule of her 100 day challenge is that you have to go to class on day 101).  

Anyway, I should probably collect a few more doubles before Day 60.  When I get there, I will decide then whether to keep going to 100.  Right now I'm pretty excited about being almost half way through, so I don't want to commit.  I don't like the idea of saying to myself that I'm less than 1/3 of the way there.  But, if I take it a day at a time after Day 60, who knows?


devra said...

It's so strange. Until a few days ago, I'd never heard of the 100 day challenge. Until a few months ago, I didn't know the 60 day had become standard. And I only now (after coming back from a long break) have committed to a 30 day. I'm on 26 of 30 right now. :) Congratulations on your success so far, Duffy - I really enjoy reading your experiences! Namaste.

Teddyrae said...

100 Days - I would never do such a thing. It is hard enough making it to the point that I have made it.....

Go Duffy! You rock with your experience.