Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 15 - A Double

9:30 am class with Lynette, and 8:15 pm class with Libby.

The idea of doing two classes in a day has intimidated me from the start.  But there was a chance I would have to miss one of the limited classes on the holiday weekend, so I thought I might give it a try, depending on how I felt in the evening.  Here, my anxiousness was totally wrong.

The second class was probably the most fun class I've ever had, and it felt like it went quicker.  The high point was probably when Libby said:  "Now that you've gotten skinny, you can do a really good Rabbit."  Rabbit was maybe the pose I liked the least to start with.  The problem was that there was no room to breathe.  And Libby is probably exactly right.  Now there is actually some room inside, breathing is not a problem, and I can take some more time and really push the pose.

One of the strange things is that I thought the morning class was unusually hot, and not all that good.  I was struggling toward the end and looking forward to the whole thing being done. 

The big mistake during the day was eating a burger at Fuddruckers.  I knew this was likely to cause some problems if I went back for another class.  Or rather, I should say that my body knew, but my mind was being stubborn.  It's a meal I used to have all the time, and now its just too much food and the wrong kind.  Anyway, I grabbed some tissues before we went to the floor poses, just in case.  And sure enough, in the second set of half locust, I had to catch a little bit of burger and fries returning on me.

Usually, that sort of thing kills my attitude.   But not last night.  I don't know if its just how much I like the evening classes, or if it was being loose from having practiced in the morning.  But everything just felt good.  I was strong and secure through the poses.  I didn't fall out of the balancing poses as much as usual, and was even pushing standing bow a little further than normal.  And my breathing was fine throughout.

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