Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 30 -- Halfway

10:30 class with Lenette

What a difference from yesterday.  In the morning, I was really sore, especially in the hips and between my shoulderblades.  And I felt tired.  So I didn't know how I was going to make it through class.  Then, about halfway through awkward pose, all the soreness and tiredness just seemed to melt away, and I had a really nice class.

On one set of standing bow, I did not fall out.  My knee locking was fine.  And balancing stick was probably as good as its been.  I can actually start to look forward and keep my elbows locked, or close to locked.  I still think I'm probably closer to a broken umbrella than a "T", but it feels like its improving.

In the back strengthening series, Lenette had us do the advanced version.  That means doing Cobra, Half Locust, Full Locust, and Floor Bow in quick succession, with no break between them.  This way, there was no time to think about Half Locust, and I just did it and managed to keep my breath, especially in second set.  If I can do it this way, I should also be able to do it in the normal progression.  More and more, I'm thinking that my problems in Half Locust are probably more mental than physical.

I had a great compliment at one point.  In one pose, Lenette said that my body was changing, and that it was awesome to see.  But I can't even remember which pose it was.  Anyway, it was very nice to hear.

This was my third class in a row without water.  Today, I was not even tempted.  At the water breaks, I just move to a nearby point with the most airflow, and soak in the evaporation while concentrating on my breath.  That's working just fine.  Of course, I've been drinking endlessly outside of the class, so I'm more than making up for it.

For the rest of the day, I felt great.  No soreness to speak of.  My knee really is better.  On one forum, there is a woman who has gone to something like 330 classes in the last 300 days.  She says that at this point its hard for her not to go.  She knows that every time she attends a class, she just feels better afterwards, even when the class itself is torture.


Teddyrae said...

I believe it was the triangle or right before. Just so you know, you have changed. You look great!

Question now, are you going to do 100 days?

Duffy Pratt said...

How will I do 100 days? I'm not sure yet that I will. On the 18th of August (Day 61), I'm going away for five days. If I'm even going to think of continuing, I'll have to get in three more doubles before I go, so I won't be behind. Then, for the last 35 days, I will just take it a day at a time, I guess. We'll see...

I saw that you are getting tempted to do it as well. That might help. And maybe we should try to enlist Tracey?