Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 16

9:30 am class with Lynette.

It was not easy dragging myself to class, but once there everything went smoothly.   For the third class within  25 hours, I felt really good -- much better than I would have anticipated.

Afterwards, however, I started to feel a bit funky.  My left knee is a little tender.  It doesn't actually hurt, but it feels a little stiff.  Same for my lumbar region.  And there is a creeping stiffness in my neck and underneath my shoulderblades.  It's something I'm going to have to watch.  I've been waiting for the soreness I've heard everyone talk about.  I've heard that Day 10-15 are normally a bad stretch.  Maybe I didn't avoid that stretch after all.

The balancing poses are doing better.  I almost made it through Standing Head to Knee on each side.  I fell out on both sides with about 10 seconds to go in the first set.  I even managed to bring a hand off the floor for a few seconds in Toe Stand without falling.  Balance is mental more than anything else, so I'm very pleased by this sort of progress.  It means my focus on focus, for lack of a better word, is seeing some benefits.

And half locust was actually decent today.  It hurt my back more than usual, but I felt like I may have gotten higher up than before.  And more important, I didn't have any trouble breathing through it.  I remained relatively calm.  And there wasn't even a threat of spitting up.  Next challenge is to try not to skimp on Triangle.  I may give that a shot tomorrow.

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