Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 29 -- Bleh

8:15 class with Amy.

It felt like I put my mat in the hottest, stillest spot in the class.  It was as though the CO2 I was exhaling just stayed in a cloud around me, until there was almost no oxygen left.  And it just kept getting hotter and hotter.  And all of this started around half moon pose.  All in all, class was just a struggle.

On the plus side, I only skipped out of the second set of Triangle.  My first balance poses were terrible again, but I am locking the knee.  Balancing stick was pretty good, at least on the balance.  Locust was surprisingly good, and I momentarily got stronger in Floor Bow.  But then the heat struck again, and in Camel, my mind kept saying push your hips forward, and my body said "no way, jose"  Yoga is supposed to be about a union of mind, body, and spirit.  If so, then my Camel was a very Non-Yoga moment.  

Things got better after Camel.  I jumped in the pool when I got home, and now I feel really good.  My knee is better.  Nothing in particular hurts, though there is still a general soreness.  And I did make it through a hellish class without any water, which is something.

After class, one woman asked Amy if the room was cooler than usual.  Her mat was right next to mine.  Amy, of course, said it was perfect Bikram conditions.  That just goes to show that how hot it feels often has little to do with how hot it actually is.  

If I'm going to do 100 classes in 100 days, I've got to get some more doubles in.  And right now, I just don't see how I'm going to do that.  But, if I want it badly enough, I suppose I'll figure a way.

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