Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 22

9:30 am with Lenette.

I didn't sleep much last night, maybe 5 hours, so I was afraid I might be too tired for class.  Once again, the event totally countered my expectations.  Once we were 3/4 of the way through Pranayama, I was wide awake and felt energized and just great.

I even pushed my limits in a few ways.  I really sat into the chair on the second part of Awkward pose.  It felt like someone put my legs into a blender, but its mercifully brief.  And I did one side of Standing Bow Pulling better than I ever have before.  I didn't fall out, my standing leg was completely locked, and I could actually see my lifted foot over my head.  And -- it was still going up at the change.

Even better, I got in two good sets of Half Locust, without dogging it or collapsing.  And I still felt full of energy at the end of class.  I didn't feel like I was dragging myself into the home stretch.  The downside, is that I may have pushed Camel and Rabbit a bit too hard.  My lower back feels a bit stiff (which is normal this time of night).  And my neck has felt a bit funky all day.  It doesn't hurt, but it knows its been through something very unusual.  I'm not going to mess with my neck, so this is definitely something to watch, but I doubt its anything serious.  Its just there.


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