Friday, October 31, 2008


10:30 am with Connease

Connease is our new teacher.  I like her because she said my second part of Awkward Pose was "beautiful."  She also had very good energy, gave what sounded like good corrections, and taught a very nice class.

The room was cold.  I think getting the heat right is just hard for new teachers.  They know the dialogue and the yoga, but every studio has its own HVAC system, and I guess they all have peculiarities.  Today, I wasn't the only one who thought it was too cold.  About 4 other regulars spoke up after class, and Connease said, in the future, just to speak up.  She also said if you think its too hot, you are on your own.  I liked that-- it shows a nice sense of humor.

She also said she's going to see Bikram tomorrow.  It turns out he's giving a seminar in Orlando and she's flying out for it.  I checked the Orlando studio website, and the seminar is basically all day, including a lecture a posture clinic, and a class.  It costs $200.  Someday....

Class was fine today.  First forward bend was a bit stiffer than yesterday.  I may have pushed a little too hard in my enthusiasm.  But I don't think I hurt anything.  Balancing series was pretty good.  I fell out of three parts of Standing Head to Knee, but Connease said she liked the way I was kicking out.  (Both times Connease complimented me today, I immediately fell out of the pose.  I understand it in the balancing pose, but I never fall out of Awkward.  I probably just felt so strange to get such a great compliment.)

Standing Bow was really good.  I almost made it through in each of the four sets.  But couldn't quite hold on at the end.  So I ended up falling out all four times, but it was still probably my best overall effort yet.  And Balancing Stick was pretty good.  I fell out once because the person next to me did, and the sudden motion threw me off.

The floor series was fine as well.  The only strange part was Rabbit.  In second set I came close to pulling something under my shoulderblade (right side).  I've never felt that big a stretch there before.  Rabbit was really going well a couple of weeks ago, and now I don't feel quite so deep into it as I was and I'm getting different stretching feeling than I used to.  I need to ask someone if I'm doing something wrong, or if what's going on is a kind of progress.

And I got a good correction in Locust.  I wasn't locking my legs enough in the single leg raises, and need to concentrate more on stretching back with them instead of lifting up.  These changes make the pose even harder, and I don't get as much lift, but I could really feel more in my leg and even in my back.  But that's just what I needed:  a way to make Locust even harder.

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