Saturday, October 4, 2008


4:30 class with Libby.

The humidifier was working again today.  And I was not in my usual spot with the nice breeze.   But the heat was not any obstacle, and it felt good to get a really good sweat on again.

Class was fine.  Balance was a little off.  Second set of Standing Head to Knee I didn't even try to kick out.  I just held the knee up and locked.  Triangle was very strong again.  And my "no fidgeting" rule is starting to be something more like a habit.  Today, I didn't even have to catch myself trying to lower my arms, or bending forward for breath.

My knee bothered me most of the day.  It started to feel better during and then immediately after the yoga class, which is a good sign.  The pose that seems to stretch it nicely, and feels pretty good, is Half Tortoise.  The leaning forward that far eases some of the pressure that I feel in either Japanese Sitting position or Fixed Firm, but it still puts some nice gradual pressure on it, and I think it may be helping.  The funny thing is that I was so focused in Half Tortoise on how good the stretch in my knee felt that Libby called me out for not locking my elbows.

A hot shower later on made it feel really good for a while.  Now there is sort of a dull ache, but it feels better than yesterday.  I'm not sure that that's real progress, but at least there aren't any signs of deterioration, and its still not interfering with any daily activities.  So for now, there's no indication that I have to drastically change anything I'm doing.


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