Wednesday, October 29, 2008


4:30 pm with Miranda

Today, I thought the room was too cold again.  In the floor series, I saw Miranda repeatedly go to the controls, and I thought she was trying to get things warmer, and it did seem to be getting a little warmer.  Then, after Rabbit, she opened the door to the lobby and said she was giving us a treat because no matter how much she tried to turn the heat down, it just kept getting hotter.  So I guess my class was stronger than I thought -- at least the heat was obviously no obstacle.

The first set of the balancing series was terrible.  I fell out four times on one side.  As soon as I lifted my foot up, my weight would shift to the outside edge of my standing foot.  And I couldn't bring it together.  Second set was much better.  I managed to hold the full length on the right side, and did pretty well on the left after falling out once at the very beginning.  After that, my focus returned, and I did OK in both Standing Bow and Balancing Stick.  I still only made it all the way through one of the four tries in Standing Bow, but at least I felt like I was working through the poses.

I seem to have hit a new level in Awkward Pose.  In the second part, I'm finally all the way down in the chair, while keeping my back straight.  I still have a ways to go to get all the way up on my toes, but otherwise the second part is looking good.  The first part has been pretty good for a while.  And I'm not feeling limited by my knee in the third part anymore.

The floor series was pretty standard.  It occurred to me today that I still have a lingering fear of Locust, even though its been a while since the pose has caused me any real trouble.  I haven't spit up for a while, and I don't fall out of it very often at all any more (and for some reason, I never seem to fall out of it in Miranda's class).   Locust still gets my heart zooming, and its not easy at all.  But it is a pretty satisfying pose these days.  That makes me wonder when I will start looking forward to it as it now actually is, instead of as the dreaded monster that it was for several months.

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