Thursday, October 16, 2008


4:30 with Miranda.

Everything was good today.  I started strong in pranayama, which was over before I knew it.  I could feel a really good stretch inside my ribs, and my mind wasn't wandering very much.  From there, things got better.  No pain at all in the third part of Awkward Pose, and my first part is beginning to look really good.  I still need some work on keeping my triceps flexed, and on getting down low in the second part, but overall I'm pretty happy with this pose.

Balancing was better than it has been the last few days.  I'm doing well at keeping my knee locked.  In Standing Head to Knee, I've been trying to flex my toes back on the kicking leg, and it makes me fall every time.  So there's still a ways to go there, but I'm falling from pushing myself, and that's just fine.

The rest of the standing series was good.  I was even tempted to try Toe Stand, but held off.  I didn't fidget, I actually locked my elbows for most of Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, and I kept strong and still throughout.

Floor series was good too.  I had sort of a breakthrough in Camel.  In the second set, when I dropped my hands to grab my heels, they actually hit the floor.  That's a first, and I don't know if I should keep them that low or not.  I need to ask someone.  Anyway, that was so cool that I decided to push the pose even harder than usual, and I ended up being able to see the front of the mats of the people in the back row.  Who knows, maybe someday I actually will be able to see the back of my own mat...

Fixed Firm was better again today.  I went down on my elbows in the second set and could feel my butt pretty squarely on the floor.  And there was no need to pull out of it:  my knee wasn't screaming to come off the floor.

The other thing that occurred to me today is that I haven't even thought about spitting up in Locust basically since the day I got chicken up my nose.  Who knows, maybe I'm pretty much over that fun part of the daily practice.  One big bonus of that development:  I no longer come out of Cobra in a state of dread.  And I've been able to focus on pointing my feet and locking my knees in Locust, instead of just hanging on for dear life.


thedancingj said...

Hands on the heels. :) That is cool that you found out you are getting more flexible!! Keep those hands on the heels so that you have something to grip on and as things open up you will eventually see the back of your mat... It is even possible to see your toes or the soles of your feet! (Tho because your hands are on your feet you really just see your hands - but that is fun - I wiggled my baby fingers at myself last night...)

J :)

Duffy Pratt said...

Thanks for the advice. The dialogue says hands on heels, so of course you are right. It's nice to have the confirmation.

Every time I hear that one day, eventually, with time you will be able to.... I think, "Yeah, but I don't believe in re-incarnation." Because its pretty clear that those things aren't gonna happen in my lifetime. Of course, I've already done many things that obviously were impossible. Anyway, I no longer feel that way about Camel. Everything you say is going to happen. It may be years, it may be months, but its clearly moving there and its very, very cool.