Tuesday, October 7, 2008


4:30 with Miranda

Class was crowded today, and the energy level was high.  I felt pretty good throughout, but started to lose some stamina toward the end of the standing series.  I caught myself once putting my hands on my knees and leaning forward, but I snapped out of it.  Overall, concentrating on standing still between postures has been a great help.  It makes everything clearer and more focused.

Balancing series was good again today, especially the second set of Standing Bow.  I held it and am actually beginning to feel the backward bend.  This posture still eludes me from time to time.   Either I move into it very smoothly, and everything is great, or for some reason its just not there. 

My knee felt a bit better during the day.  It gave me less trouble in the standing series than it has.  I got down in the third part of Awkward without too much trouble.  Recently, fully bending the knees here has been bad.  I've decided that I'm not going to push the knee into anything that feels that bad anymore.  One of my problems may be that I'm pretty capable of persevering through what most people would call sharp pain.  So I'm going to tone it back for a while and see if that helps.  As a result, fixed firm was even worse than ever, but so be it.  And I may have to bail out on the right hand side of the final forward stretch.  Bringing my left foot to my thigh so there is a right angle there is putting a little too much stress on the knee right now.  Otherwise, besides Toe Stand, I can pretty much do everything.

It was nice to come back to class after a day off.  I was really looking forward to getting back into the room, and just the sweating was very satisfying.  My only complaint is that every time I take a day off, my sweat starts to get salty again and it stings my eyes.  Other than that, I didn't notice much physical difference, but the day off did a world of good for my attitude.  Now I feel good to go again.  

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