Saturday, October 18, 2008

113/122 Snap Crackle Pop

Fri. 4:30 pm with Margaux

Getting out of bed this morning, my back cracked in three spots.  I've been cracking repeatedly and sometimes unexpectedly in just about all of my joints.  This had better be a good thing, because there is an awful lot of it, from my neck all the way down to my toes.

In class, there are some pops and cracks that I have come to expect.  In pranayama, my fingers will crack on the first repetition, which is really common, and then my neck will crack on the first or second repetition as I drop it all the way back.  That's a single pop at the point where my neck connects into my skull.

Coming out of the first forward bend, in the first set, my right hip will give a nice pop.  If I don't feel this pop, it typically means that I'm not warming up properly, and it can be a signal that class isn't going to go that well.  In Awkward Pose, in the third part, my left knee will crack and then my right knee right afterward.  Then, between sets of Awkward Pose, when I bring my feet back together, there will be some popping in the joints between my big toes and my feet.

Eagle sometimes manages to get some noises out of my shoulders.  This one is funny though.  It's advertised as working all the major joints, but for what it does it gets very little popping.  Standing series is pretty quiet after that, until Tree, which almost always manages to get some more cracking in the hip and knee of the lifted leg.

In the floor series, I'm already warmed up, so the popping is less than it is at the start.  The main ones I can count on are:  ankles coming out of the first set of Fixed Firm, neck going into the belly down Savasana, right knee in Rabbit, and the left knee and hip getting into the first half of the spinal twist.

The only joint I can think of that doesn't pop now are my elbows.  I don't know why, but my elbows don't crack, not even in Eagle or Locust.

Class was sort of middling.  Nothing that bad or good.  I need to take Margaux's classes a bit more often.  I haven't been able to push through Locust yet in any of her classes, and I'm sure its a mental thing.  So if I took a few of her classes in a row, I'd probably be able to see my way through it.  Camel was great again, as was Rabbit.  My knee felt good throughout.

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