Sunday, November 2, 2008


9:30 am with Amy

A good tough class today.  The high point was Standing Head to Knee.  I made it through three of the four rounds without falling out, and almost made it through the fourth.  And I wasn't holding back on the kicking out either.  Then, to even things out, I fell out a bunch in Standing Bow.  But still, its showing progress.

The rest of class was pretty standard.  I was pushed just to the limit by the end of standing series, but still managed to hold it together and make it all the way through.  My knee felt really good, and I was tempted to try Toe Stand, but decided to hold off.  

The floor series zoomed by.  The temperature seemed perfect (and afterward Amy confirmed that it was perfect Bikram weather: 105 degrees and 40% humidity).  I was pretty well honed in to just listening to the dialogue and following along, without looking forward to anything or having my mind race around.  It's amazing how fast the class can seem to go, and how good it feels, when you can just keep your mind with your body. 

And the great feeling lasted the rest of the day.  My knee isn't bothering me at all.  In several places, I have that slight soreness that is so satisfying because instead of hurting, it just makes you feel connected to your body.  

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