Thursday, November 6, 2008

128/142 Back on Track

8:15 pm with Amy

This past week, and even today, I have been a little less enthusiastic than usual about going to class.  Today, I was 50/50 on whether to go at all.  And then class just raced by, and was really satisfying.   Even though I wouldn't say that I exactly rocked any of the poses, the practice as a whole just felt great.  The trouble is that I'm now so energized that I may be looking at another 3am bedtime.

Some parts were clearly not so good.  I couldn't hold balance in any of the Standing Head to Knee sets.  On the good side, when I am kicking out, I'm doing it pretty well, with a very solid standing leg.  Standing Bow was really great in one set, with almost perfect concentration.  But otherwise mediocre.  And Balancing Stick was just a struggle.  I was hopping around again.

Then the good stuff really started.  I almost grabbed my heels in Standing Separate Leg Forehead to Floor.  That's pretty huge for me, and I could feel my hips lifting as I rolled the weight forward.  Then Triangle was really strong with a good stretch across my chest.  It even earned a "beautiful" from Amy.  And I finished off the whole standing series just as strongly, with good stamina.

Floor series was pretty similar.  Back Strengthening, which has been so good recently, was middling at best.  The best I can say is that I really was trying hard in it, so that's fine.  Fixed Firm was better than its been in a while.  In second set, I was legitimately back on my elbows, with my feet pointed straight back, and my hips on the floor.  Half Tortoise felt really great, with a huge stretch in my shoulders.  And Rabbit is back to where it was a couple of weeks ago -- I'm feeling the stretch deep into the lower back again.

But the best thing was just how quickly the class flew by.  Basically, it felt like we started, were in Triangle, then in Locust and then we were done.  The energy in the room was great, and I was in one of those zones where time just doesn't seem to exist.  That happens so rarely, and when it does, it almost always goes together with a great experience.  And tonight was the same.  The other times when I've had the same type of experience come either when playing music and being really involved in it so that everything else just seems to vanish, or from time to time when I was a kid playing basketball and the team was just totally clicking together.  And now in yoga...

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