Sunday, November 30, 2008


2:30 with Miranda

Full class today.  I was in the back row in the middle.  For almost the full standing series, Miranda was directly in front of me and I had no view of the mirror.  That's pretty much a first, and it interfered less than I would have supposed.  I couldn't see a thing in Half Moon, but I think I was pretty much on target anyway.  Standing Head to Knee was where it was the worst.  I've grown accustomed to focusing on my standing knee.  Without that reference point, I could still stand and lock the knee, but for some reason I couldn't kick out and hold my balance for long.  For the rest of the series, including Standing Bow, not being able to see myself didn't have much of an impact at all.  I made it through two parts of Standing Bow, and here I think not being able to see myself might actually have helped some.

Floor series was very good today.  I felt really strong in the back strengthening series.  I focused on stretching outward with my legs in Locust, and I think it might help.  Rabbit and Camel were very good, especially Rabbit, which is definitely a pose that comes and goes for me.  And I must be doing something right on the final stretch now.  I'm working on flexing the feet and locking my knees, and it really hurts even before the stretch starts.  I'm assuming at some point that intense stretch behind the knees will start to feel more normal.

All in all, for a Sunday class with no food beforehand, it went very well.  I'm not having stamina or breathing problems at all.  My focus, overall, is pretty good.  I could still be a bit more still getting into Savasanas.  And on a day like today, I actually was enjoying the time in class.  I'm still a bit hung up on progress, or the lack of it, but when I can put that out of my mind, everything is just fine.

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