Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Tues. 10:30 am with Miranda
Wed. 10:30 am with Miranda

There's a funny thing about morning classes.  I'm less flexible during classes, so while doing it, I feel less sense of accomplishment.  In the evening classes, I tend to go much deeper into the poses, and that's always nice.  But afterwards, I feel like I've gotten more benefit from the morning classes.  Not just from the energizing effect that lasts the rest of the day, but also simply in the way my body works.

The room conditions the last two days were very different.  Yesterday, it was cold and humid.  Class started at 92 degrees and got up to about 102.  Humidity never dropped below 45%.  That usually bodes ill for me, and yesterday was no exception.  I almost had to sit out a set at the end of standing series, and was suffering through some of the floor series.  Today, it was hotter but dry.  We started at about 102 and it got up to 107, but the humidity was only around 35% at the maximum.  And those differences made class so much easier.  Plus, I came into class today determined to try to really focus on Miranda's voice, and to push everything else out of my mind.  I think that helped speed things along, and made for a better class all around.

I don't have much to say about the postures in either class.  Balancing series were OK.  I'm pretty much falling out once per part in these, and sometimes making it all the way through.  Back strengthening was about par for the course.  Fixed Firm is slowly improving.  I can go back on my elbows when I want now, and am even thinking about lowering my head to the floor a bit.

In terms of the poses, it seems like the biggest improvement I could make now is to increase the flexibility in my butt and hamstrings, especially on the left side.  Pushing this too hard, however, is fraught with danger.  Most of the people who hurt themselves (including my own sciatic problem), do it by pushing the forward bends too hard.  So, instead, I'm trying to learn patience and persistence.  The persistence part doesn't seem to be that much of a problem.  The patience lesson is a harder one to learn.

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