Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thursday Off
Friday 10:30 am with Danielle
Sat. 9:30 am with Connease
Sun. 2:30 pm with Miranda

Wow.  This has been a long time without posting.  Classes have been just fine.  Danielle is getting more confident with each class, and Friday's was great.  Her timing was almost perfect.  I didn't notice a single dialogue mishap, and the energy in class was really good

Saturday I had two friends come to class for the first time.  It's funny, but this is the first time that people have come to my studio on my recommendation.  They both did really well.  Shelley was up and trying on every posture, and I don't think she let up once.  Delton tried to hard at the start and got knocked out pretty early on, but he got back into things and kept up a good sense of humor about the whole thing.  Even better, I think they both will be back for more.

Today's class was pretty typical for a Sunday.  Around 1 pm I started feeling hungry and a bit deprived.  But then class was really good, and the time just flew by.

I'm not sure what's happening, but there is a tenderness in my lower back that I haven't felt in months.  It doesn't feel like there is any danger of injury.  It's just a kind of sweet soreness, and I'm hoping that its a sign of things opening up, or about to open up.  Maybe it means that I'm giving extra effort in the back strengthening series or the backbends.

I noticed something odd today.  At the beginning of Awkward Pose, we are told to step to the right six inches.  I've always stepped to the right a bit and then to the left with the other foot, so that I end up with them six inches apart.  Today, I started on the left side of my mat, to let the person behind me see the mirror.  So I stepped to the right for the first time, and amazingly enough, it seemed to make a difference.  My alignment was better than it usually is, I went a bit deeper into all three sets, and it seemed a bit easier.  I cannot explain why.  If asked beforehand, I would have said that it's a trivial matter and that it shouldn't make any difference.   So here's another example of rule 1:  Do what they tell you.  Don't do what you think amounts to the same thing.  Just do what they say.  It's so easy, and I keep finding ways that I have veered from it.  And who knows, maybe there are ways where it really doesn't make a difference.  But if it doesn't make a difference, then there really is no reason not to do what they say either...

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