Sunday, December 14, 2008


Thurs 8:15 pm with Miranda
Friday off
Saturday 2:30 with Danielle

We have company visiting, so it's been harder to make it to class.  One of my favorite Woody Allen quotes is "80% of success is just showing up."  And these past few days, I'm hoping he has it right.

Thursday night's class was very good.  I don't remember much about it at all, and that's usually a good sign.  The 6:30 class had orange slices waiting for them, and I remember being a bit disappointed that they were gone after the late class.  Other than that, I can't recall anything particular about any of the poses.

I meant to go to class on Friday, but we had lunch reservations that made any of the early classes impossible.  We ate at a Brazilian churasscuria, which is basically an all you can eat steak house with about 22 different kinds of meat, each of them better than the last.  I thought about going to the 6:30 class, but was afraid of what might come up in Locust.  So I took the day off.

Then today, we had another big lunch, but there were no other options for class.  So I went to class with a full stomach, which was a first.  The idea filled me with more than a bit of terror.  But it was different than I thought.  I didn't have any problems holding the food down.  Instead, I lacked energy.  So my mind was involved, but my body wasn't responding the way it should.  I kept having the sense that it would have been a simply great class if I had gone without eating.

Danielle has already improved quite a bit.  Her dialogue was more confident.  She made only one noticeable slip.  And she seemed to have a better connection with the students than before.  The first class I took with her was solid and showed promise.  After this class, I'm pretty sure that she will develop into a really good teacher.  The only faults I could find with today's class were the pacing (too quick) and the heat (too cold for me).

I was fine in the standing series.  Had pretty good balance.  I made it through the back strengthening pretty well, and without spitting up.  Then, the extent that I dogged the class became clear in Camel and Rabbit.  Both poses were considerably less deep than usual, especially Rabbit.  I took that to mean that I had not prepared as well earlier on.  The amount that each pose builds on the earlier ones in this series is pretty incredible.  So, either my full stomach was holding me back, or I held back a bit unconsciously because of the full tummy.  Either way, its not something I want to repeat very often, and I need to make sure that I don't let myself get into the habit of dogging it.

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