Monday, December 8, 2008


Saturday 9:30 am with Amy
Sunday 2:30 pm with Miranda

Saturday morning class was just about perfect.  Other than that, I hardly remember a thing about it.  I remember getting my head on the floor in Fixed Firm.  Other than that, I'm pretty much drawing a blank.  But I know I was really with it, and I felt good during class and great afterwards.  That is enough.

Today's class couldn't have been more different.  Unfortunately, I remember just about every moment, every painful moment.  We started out at 85 degrees and 60 % humidity.  It was so cold that Miranda took us through a stretching routine she does to warm up.  That part was fun, but class started over 20 minutes late as a result.  That wasn't that big a deal.

Gradually the room got hotter, eventually to 99 degrees.  And the humidity never went below 58%.  I did really well to start with, and then around Standing Bow I started to run out of air.  Sometimes it really is the humidity.  And of course, on Sundays, I don't eat before class, and that probably didn't help.  By Triangle, I was pretty beat, and I dropped my arms between sides, so I went down.  Then I went down again in the next pose.  And then, I even felt like going down in Tree pose, but resisted.

I figured floor series would be better, but it was even more humid on the floor.  The only thing I skipped on the floor was a set of Locust, because I needed a bathroom break.  Or maybe I just wanted to escape.  After Locust, things went back to being merely painful.  

To top it off, I've had a low grade headache since class.  Maybe I'm getting sick, but this class will go down in the Pantheon of nightmarish classes.  It was right up there with one of Zeb's torture sessions, or the class with Lenette where I pretty much collapsed, or the second advanced class where I was out for the count for the last 20 minutes.  But there's no lasting damage, and I think I may have actually learned a few things about the poses, and about warming up.  So the class was really hard and painful, but not in any way a loss.


thedancingj said...

85?????? That's... kind of insane. What's wrong with your heaters?? :(

I bet that cold start is making class a LOT harder. When you do pranayama in high heat - it teaches your body how to breathe in the hot room. If you do pranayama cold and THEN it heats up later - that's when your body can't figure out how to breathe. :(

Duffy Pratt said...

It's Sunday. The heat is off in the entire building. So I think when the teacher got there, the whole place was probably about 50 degrees. By 10 minutes before class it had gotten up to 85. And the extreme humidity here in Houston makes it take even longer for the heat to rise. It hasn't been like that on the weekdays.

You make a really good point about pranayama. That would explain why I always have trouble in the classes that start out colder, and this one was just an extreme example. Anyway, today I feel great, so its all good,

thedancingj said...

Aaaaaahh, gotcha. What a bummer of a situation! But at least it's only one day of the the week. Glad that the bit about the pranayama makes sense and that you are feeling good! :)