Thursday, December 11, 2008

151/176 Snow in Houston

6:30 pm with Miranda

It snowed today, which is the first time since I've been in Houston.  I heard that it snowed about 5 years ago on Christmas eve, but I was in China at the time.  I have two Samoyeds, sled dogs who have never seen snow.  So I let them frolic for longer than usual and came in just in time to get to class, but really chilled.  It was very tempting not to go, but I didn't give in and I'm glad I did not.

I didn't have much of the after cold burning sensation in my hands or my feet, and the temperature in class was perfect and felt really good.   And it was very pleasant being in the hot room and being able to look through the foggy windows at the snow falling.

Class went well.  I've found a new spot to breath through in my throat during Pranayama.  It sounds even more like a snore on the inhale.  I assume this means I'm improving, but I haven't asked anyone.  It feels a bit better than before.  It's strange to think about how varied a simple thing like breathing can be.

I didn't get my bit toe to hit in Eagle today, so that was a minor step back.  But I also had a minor breakthrough:  in Locust, I got my elbows to touch for the first time.  I can see how keeping them closer might increase my leverage someday, and make it easier to push further up.  But something is going to have to open up in my back first before I can take advantage of that leverage.

Balancing was not good.  I was fine on my left leg, but had trouble holding balance on my right leg.  I think cold feet from the snow may have had something to do with this.

Otherwise class was pretty standard.  The big achievement today was showing up.  Also, for the first time I brought an extra towel and showered there.  Until recently, I thought the shower there would be pointless, because I couldn't stop the sweating that fast.  For some reason, that doesn't seem to be as much of an issue any more.  And it was really nice to be able to go home dressed as a human being.

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