Monday, November 10, 2008


Sunday 2:30 with Miranda
Monday 10:30 with Miranda

After doing so well in Standing Head to Knee, my balance was really off in the last two classes.  Today I didn't even make it through a single set of either Standing Head to Knee or Standing Bow.  In Standing Head to Knee, I think I'm finally grabbing my foot down far enough away from the toe.  And getting the grip right has thrown off my balance some.  So progress in one area has caused a temporary setback in another.

Sunday's class was fun.  There were more than 40 people in the room and the energy was really good.  The temperature was good.  No one was sitting out, and the class basically flew by.  At this point I don't remember many of the specifics, but I felt really good, if a bit wiped out, afterwards.

Today's class was more of a challenge, maybe because of the morning.  It started off well.  I really tried to relax my upper back more in the first backbend, and it seemed to make a difference.  That's one of the poses that I haven't focused very much on, probably because I think I'm so inept at it.  And also, I have really no idea what I look like while doing it, but it doesn't feel like I'm very deep into it.  Also, that backbend almost always gives me a feeling of astonishment as I come out of it.  It's a really weird feeling that I've been getting used to, although Im not sure that that's the right word, because I still feel a bit dizzy/disoriented every time we come out of that pose.

Balancing series was not good.  I had very little balance at all, and fell out alot.  But then, Balancing Stick was good today.  I still can't figure out why I do well at Balancing Stick when I stink at the other two, and vice versa.  It's a puzzle to me.

The good news is that I tried Toe Stand again, probably for the first time in about a month.  I got down onto my heel on both sides, but couldn't balance at all.  Going down on the left knee felt a bit strange, and the knee popped pretty loudly toward the end.  But it didn't hurt, and I haven't felt any ill effects afterwards.  Bikram's book says that this pose really strengthens the knees, so I'd like to continue trying it, provided I don't make my left knee any worse.

In the floor series I'm starting to feel some new things.  In Locust, the last couple of days, I'm getting a cramp under my left shoulder blade.  This probably means that I'm finally working my upper back, so to that extent its a good sign.  But I could do without the cramping.   Then in Floor Bow, I've started trying to kick more, and this has caused some cramping in my left calf.  I'm not sure what this means.  And I'm getting cramps in my feet during Fixed Firm, and setting up for Camel.  Maybe I need more potassium.  I'll give that a shot (Banana time), and see if the cramps are from exertion, lack of electrolytes, or a combination.

One thing I love to see is how much our teachers care about teaching.  Yesterday, Miranda was trying to come up with an easy way to show people where to focus their eyes in Toe Stand.  It's not a big deal, but it shows that she really cares about people's form.  And then today, Lenette took Miranda's 8:30 am class, and was giving her some advice and praise after the class.   Seeing them help each other out left me with a very warm feeling.

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