Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 58 -- Four Steps Forward and a Big Step Back

10:30 am with Zeb.

Maybe it was because it was a morning class.  Maybe it was the rain, and the lower air pressure.  Maybe it was something I did yesterday without noticing.  But after several strong classes with steady improvement, I was tighter than ever this morning.  My left hamstring and hip have never been so stiff before.  

In toe stand, we are supposed to bend forward, put our hands on the floor, and then lower ourselves down.  On my left leg, my hands stopped about two inches above the floor.  This has been easy for me from the beginning.  And then in the final stretch, my leg was bent at a really big angle before I could even grab my toes.

After class, Zeb said that it's just funny that way sometimes.  Some days, you are really stiff and there isn't any very good explanation for it.  Then, if you are lucky, it just goes away.

In other ways, class was just fine.  My stamina is better than ever.  I didn't have any trouble in the standing series, and made it through the back strengthening series without quitting on anything.  And in most ways, I feel really good.  Even my left knee is feeling better.

But my left hip, at least today, is not better.  Sitting down, the pain is pretty persistent.  It's lowgrade, just a deep soreness.  And nothing I do makes it feel worse, so I'm not all that worried about it.  I will be very curious to see what a few days rest do for it.

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