Friday, August 29, 2008


4:30 pm with Libby

Good class today.  My breathing was much better throughout.  And I felt more focused today than yesterday.  My balance was better throughout.  So overall, things felt much better, and I'm not having any big problems with either the hip or the knee.

And then, by contrast with yesterday, I didn't go all the way down in Fixed Firm, and Half Tortoise wasn't quite as deep.  So, in some ways, maybe today was not as good. 

But overall, class was very satisfying today, and I have no complaints about either my progress or my lack of progress.  Overall, I'm feeling much better and stronger than when I came back from my break.

Today was Zeb's last day teaching before going to Baltimore, and I'm a bit upset that I missed it.  Basically, I woke up dehydrated and still a bit beat up from last night's class, and then I had some other things I had to do.  He's going to Baltimore next week to teach for a while, and then to someplace really cool like Singapore or Australia or New Zealand.  That is a really attractive aspect for someone young with Bikram teacher training.  It must be a great way to move around to interesting places and meet a whole bunch of great people.  

I wish him well, and hope he comes back to visit us.  I'm going to miss his toughness, his ability to motivate, and his ability to point out exactly the right thing to make a difference in any given class.  My guess is that he has a really bright future.

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