Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 53 -- Life in the Back Row

2pm with Miranda

I think we had a new attendance record today.  There were at least 50 students in the room.  It was filled almost to overflowing.  As a result, I didn't get my usual place.  But I did find a spot with decent airflow in the back row.  It's the first time I've been in the back in a while, and I think I haven't been in the back in a crowded class for several months.

It was quite an adjustment.   First, it took a long time to peel away the distraction of so many other people.  Fortunately, the general energy and focus in the room was very high, so the distractions should have been minimal.  My focus lagged behind the class, so I found myself paying attention to others more than I should.

This had its worst effect in the balancing poses.  First, I had to figure out how to lock my knee without looking at it.  I should be able to do this now, but I wasn't confident about it.  And I think falling out of the pose might be contagious.  Every time someone in front of me fell out, I did too.  

I also was not aware before at how much I relied on the mirror for some of my set-ups.  Triangle was very different for me today because I don't think I quite had the right angles that I typically get in my legs, and that's because I couldn't see them.

Then of course once we hit the floor, the size of the class became irrelevant.  The floor series was fairly typical.  The main news was that my knee felt really good throughout, and even my hip didn't hurt as much as it has recently, especially on the sit-ups and the final stretch.  I was paying very close attention to the tips Lenette gave me, and they seem to be working.

Since class, I've felt really good all day.  No soreness to speak of.  My knee feels good as new for the first time in weeks, and my hip has a little lingering soreness, but it is not the constant deep pain I have felt on some days.

Some of the other students are asking whether I'm going to go on to 100 classes.  And I really don't know yet.  I've been wondering whether I should set some other goal, instead of an arbitrary day count.  How about:  I will go seven classes/week until I can touch my head to my knee in Standing Head to Knee.  Or until my head hits the floor in Separate Leg Stretching.  Or until my head hits my toes in the Final Stretch (yeah, right).  With a goal like one of those, who knows? Maybe I will do 1000 classes in 1000 days.

The real goal, ultimately, I think is to stop counting the days and just to do it for its own sake.  I'm not quite there yet, but maybe I will be in another week.

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Mary E said...

Hi There!
Congratulations on making it to day 53! That is quite the determination!!! Wonderful...
It sounds like you have a very good support system at your school also.
Bikram ALWAYS says..."It is very easy to achieve any goal in the is EXTREMELY difficult to maintain it over time!"
I hope you go for 100 days...It is a major shift in the biochemistry that does not happen in 60 days.
I started the "100 Yoga Days" at my school when there were very few Bikram schools anywhere in the world.We make a sign and have a bit of a celebration and photos. It is fun.
It has been changed over the years to 30,60,90,etc. Challenges....
I have had hundreds of students accomplish this fantastic feat. There is a morph that happens to the body during this consecutive 100 days that does not happen in 30 or 60.
No pressure... we are all rooting for you... you have just come so far....
There is tremendous healing that occurs when you get near 100 days. I practiced 2 classes a day every day for two years to heal my spine after a car accident.... it was a fantastic education.
Bikram had a student who took class every day for 20 years!....before all these schools existed.She still practices. I hope you have a good experience wherever you finally land. All the best to you!
Mary Jarvis,Global Yoga San Franisco