Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 56 -- All is Well

4:30 pm with Zeb.

Everything seems to be falling into place right now.  My left knee is almost better.  I still pamper it a bit, but its now out of precaution, not to prevent pain.  Lenette's tips seem to be working for my hip.  I don't have the range of motion back yet, but the pain is going away so its just a matter of time.  And I don't have any other problems creeping up.  Even going into the first forward bend isn't terrifying the way it was a week ago.

Class today was typical Zeb: very high energy, intense, and just hard.  But I did great throughout.  I didn't have any real breakthroughs, but I stayed with the dialogue in the standing series, without doing any bending over to grab air and try to lower my heart rate, and without joining any of the poses in mid set-up. 

The only minor bailout was about halfway through the second set of locust.  I came out early to avoid spitting up.  I made up for it by pushing harder than usual in full locust.  And then the first (sort-of) breakthrough came in Camel:  I saw the floor for the first time.  And I was in the middle row,  which makes it more of a move than if I had been up front.  Next stop, I guess, is seeing my feet (another feat that now seems impossible, but who knows).

Four days left on the original sixty.  And I need to squeeze in at least one (maybe two) doubles to have a good shot at going for 100/10o.  Tomorrow is probably my best shot at it.  It's funny.  I've done a few doubles already, and they have always been good.  So why does the idea of doing one cause some apprehension?  It's just an extension of the idea that some days just going to class is the hardest part of the class.  I need to think a bit more on why that happens.  It shouldn't.  I always feel better after class, and I think I've done enough classes by now to know that in more than just my head.  But there it is.

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