Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 44 -- So Sore

4:30 pm class with Margaux

I felt fine all day with just a good soreness in the hips, so I really had no idea what I was in for in class.  This was only my third class with Margaux.  She has a very deliberate style, with a softer tone than the other teachers.  It makes for a more mellow and meditative class.  And today it was a good thing.

I felt fine through most of the standing series, but had some trouble going deep into any of the forward bends.  Once I hit the floor, however, everything from the lower back down through the knees seemed to tighten up.  I wasn't good in any of the back strengthening poses.  Then fixed firm was really bad -- very tight in the knees and even the hips.  And, except for Rabbit, it just got worse.   By the end, I was less flexible in the final stretch than I was when I started several months ago.  My hamstrings felt like overwound rubber bands, and something in my left hip made it difficult to bend forward at all.

Cisco has said in the past that he looks forward to moments like that, because it means a breakthrough is on its way.  I suspect that my body may finally be complaining about the challenge.  He's got more experience in these things, and I'm hoping he's right.  So far, the cure for yoga soreness has always been more yoga, so I do have some faith that tomorrow's class will straighten this out some.

It is a lesson in applying the first yama to the asana practice:  its important not to push too hard when feeling this tight.  Avoiding injury is one of the key aspects of not doing harm.  So tomorrow I'll really have to focus on where my limits are, and push just to the edge of them without going to far.  It should be interesting.

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Jerlin said...

First, congratulations! YOu are almost done!

I am on day 36 myself and have to say I am experiencing the same stiffness as you. I don't really understand why, but it seems my forward bends were fine at the beginning of the challenge, but now... I cant even touch my toes and not to mention sit ups hurt the back of my kness...

Anyhow... Great job!