Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 49

10:30 am with Miranda

It was almost like a repeat of yesterday.  The class was a little smaller, the humidity a little higher, and I was a bit more stiff.  But otherwise, class was very much like yesterdays.  I got the same hands on treatment at the same spots:  Wind Relieving, Fixed Firm, and a great massage in Final Savasana.  After class, Traceye agreed with me that we could get spoiled by classes like these.

I had a fairly big, and even more surprising, breakthrough today.  In Locust -- yes, Locust -- I got deeper into the pose than ever before.  For the first time, both legs went up past 45 degrees.  Of course, I can't see this.  But I think it happened for two reasons:  First, when the angle becomes steep enough, then the strain has less lateral torque, and should become more vertical weight bearing, and that is what it felt like.  Second, I've read that when you start to go vertical, you engage a different set of muscles for holding the posture than the set used to lift into it.  And that definitely happened.  Not only did I feel it at the time, but I'm feeling the aftermath of using those new muscles as I type.

It's amazing.  Less than a week ago, I was wondering how not to spit up in this pose.  Now, I haven't had any trouble with that for about four days, and I'm reaching new heights in the pose (literally).  Well, I used to dread Rabbit, and now its one of my favorites.  So why not Locust?

On the downside, my hamstrings and my right hip are getting wound tighter and tighter.  I'm trying to be really careful with them.  I definitely don't want to risk an injury.  And I'm hoping that all they need is a few days rest.  And of course the same goes for my left knee.

I spent a complete set of Standing Head to Knee with a leg kicked out and the standing leg locked.  I almost locked my right leg while lifted.  I feel like I'm getting much stronger on these locked knee balancing poses.  But every once in a while, if my attention lapses I catch myself with a slightly bent -- not locked -- knee.  

I'm still wondering about extending the challenge to 100 days.  If I'm going to do it, I really need to get in at least two more doubles before the 60 days are up, to make up for the 5 day break I will have afterward.  And every day I think I might do a double, but then feel like I've had enough after just one.  Maybe tomorrow.

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