Saturday, August 30, 2008


9:30 am with Amy

Another very nice class.  I haven't had an early morning class since I came back.  In part, I may have been avoiding that early morning stiffness that sometimes comes.  Today there was none of that.  I felt focused and steady throughout, and my flexibility was pretty good. 

The big surprise today came in Locust, of all things.  I first focused pretty strongly on the one legged lifts, keeping my hips low and trying to push hard with the arms and shoulders.  Normally, I'm pretty much going through the motions here, out of dread for what's coming.  Then, when we put both legs up, I pushed them up and then actually focused on trying to straighten my legs, and trying to push up harder with my arms.  When Amy called change, I was still actually going up a little bit.  In this part, I'm either in one of two modes:  either I'm hanging on for dear life, or I feel something coming up and bail out completely.  Working into and through the pose was an entirely new feeling.  Better yet, I did it twice.

The other high point was Standing Bow.  In second set, my balance was pretty good, and like Locust, I was working steadily going deeper into the pose.  Then out of nowhere, Amy said "Good Duffy!"  In other poses, this would be no big deal.  But I don't think anyone has ever said anything good about my Standing Bow pose.  Some people call it Dancer pose, and I am anything but a dancer (except in the sense that Maxwell Smart was a dancer).  So I took this as a pretty big compliment.

Progress is pretty steady on the injuries.  Fixed Firm was not quite as good today as yesterday, but my knee feels fine.  Every day seems a little bit better for my hip.  And I don't seem to be developing any tightness again after eight straight days.  If anything, I'm gradually loosening up again.  So, all is good.

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