Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Twelve

4:30 pm class with Cisco.

It almost felt like a vacation.  Somehow, Cisco rushed a bit through the standing series, and the slightly shorter time in the postures boosted my energy for the whole class.  I had no problems with triangle, and felt strong all through the standing series.  Even locust was OK:  I wasn't huffing and puffing as much as usual.

Then, before Camel, Cisco says:  "Did I skip any postures?"  He hadn't, but we were about 8 minutes ahead of schedule.  To make up for it, he gave us more time in Savasana.  Other teachers might have held Camel or Rabbit longer than usual (and he might have just a little).  So overall, today's class felt like a rest.  Objectively, I don't think it was much different than some of my early classes with Lynette or with Jessica.

The balancing poses are gradually improving.  Half tortoise has definitely turned a corner.  It's getting easier to get my head to the floor first.  

I'm regressing, however, in fixed firm.  For a few days I was completely in the posture.  But somehow my knees and ankles have stiffened up some, and in the first set I can barely start to lean back.  The second set has been better.  This is a pose where I think more has been getting me less.  I've got to be more patient with these joints.

Energy throughout the day has been fine, despite a hectic schedule.  I was up at 6:30, at work by 7:30.  I worked steadily, with about a 10 minute break to get lunch.  Then I got to class by 4:30, came home showered and took the dogs to the park.  Home again at 8:30 to make dinner, do the dishes, etc...  And I don't feel beat up at all.  It's pretty amazing, and I think that the same type of schedule without the yoga would leave me dragging.

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