Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day Eight

8:15 pm class with Zeb.

I always love the evening class.  For some reason, its a much better time for me than the afternoons.  I'm thinking that there is something quieting about doing the yoga during or after sunset.

Zeb's class was probably as intense as yesterday's.  Beforehand, some students were saying that they always felt hotter in his class.   But today, the pacing felt good, not pressured at all.  That just goes to show how much of this is a matter of attitude.

No breakthroughs again.  I feel like I may be getting a bit deeper in several poses, but I'm not having any a-ha! moments.  The most noticeable improvement today was in Rabbit.  I was rolling forward quite easily.  Breathing seemed almost natural, not constrained much at all.  And I didn't have any trouble holding the pose while pulling on my heels, for the full length of the pose.

I'm popping joints in some more interesting areas.  Back, neck, shoulders, hips -- I feel like I'm made out of bubble wrap.

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