Monday, June 23, 2008

Day Five -- Back on Track

8:30 am class with Lynette.

Today was as good as yesterday.  There were no major breakthroughs, but just about everything felt peaceful and strong.  For example, I didn't hold standing leg to knee for the full time, but I came close, and on both legs.

I asked Lynette about the conditions in the room.  It was 106 degrees with 26% humidity.  It's amazing how much of a difference the humidity makes. 

I'm beginning to feel some new things.  There's a slight creeping soreness in my lower back.  It doesn't feel bad, but it's there.  My hamstrings seem like they are prone to cramping.  Most of all, I'm getting some soreness and some popping in my shoulder blades and shoulders.  I'm surprised because I've thought of the series as not focusing on the shoulders.  It doesn't have the obvious shoulder work like down dog, or cow face, or dolphin.   But it seems to be working anyway.  I guess that means that Bikram knows more about this stuff than I do -- go figure.

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Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY feel like I got run over by a Mac Truck. I am very inflexible--So much so that getting kinda sorta into the postures exhausts me. I started Bikram Yoga the Friday after Thanksgiving and have been coming almost every day since that, yesterday, in real life I can FINALLY touch my toes with my legs straight! Before Bikram, I touched only two inches below my shins!! But--it is a new type of exhaustion and exhiliration that comes with it.