Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Nine -- It's feeling routine

4:30 pm class with Zeb.

I only had four hours sleep last night, and was falling off toward the end of work.  So I thought class would be really bad.  It wasn't.  It was pretty normal.

Half moon was tough, especially the back and front bands.  But then I loosened up and by the end felt more flexible than usual.  The soreness was gone from my back, and I felt like I went deeper in the final stretching poses than ever before.

The amazing thing is how much energy I continue to have.  

My big concern right now is that I'm afraid I may be working too hard.  In a few poses, my legs are shaking when I think they probably shouldn't.  Most notably in the separate leg forward bend (my thighs quiver and I can't relax them), and today in Fixed Firm (my left quad had a mind of its own).  Some of the stuff I'm reading suggests that I would make better progress by holding back some.  It's just hard for me, especially with Zeb saying "push, push... lock the knee, lock the knee,.. more back, way back go back..."  It's something to think about. 

On a related note, I'm wondering if the challenge itself forces people to pace themselves and to do the holding back that I mentioned above.  

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