Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day Eleven -- A Minor Breakthrough

2:30 pm class with Cisco.

I've come to dread the Sunday afternoon classes, so today's class was a pleasant surprise.  I felt good throughout the class, and have felt really good afterwards.  There is almost no soreness at all.

The room was really crowded: over 50 people.  There was not enough room for me to take the full stride to get into triangle.  My feet went underneath the mats to my right and left.  Even so, it never felt oppressively humid, and the energy level in the room was very good.

The breakthrough came in Half Tortoise.  The dialogue says that as you go down, your head should reach the floor before your hands.  Today, it did and on both sets.  Its a good indication that my hips and shoulders are opening up some, and a better indication that my core strength is improving.  It's also one of those arbitrary "threshold" moments that probably seems like a bigger deal than it is.  But I will take what I can get.

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