Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Ten

9:30 am with Zeb.

This is several classes in a row with Zeb.  His classes are really hard, as I've said before, especially in the standing series.  Today it felt hot.  I couldn't make it through second set of triangle.  And then later I gave up in Camel of all things.  I never have had trouble with Camel, but today I just felt a little dizzy.  For only the second time, it felt too hot to stay for very long in final savasana. 

Afterwards I was a bit discouraged, but had a pleasant time chatting with other students after class.  One student baked some Baklava for Dmitri.  He had a great time showing it to everyone, but would only give a piece to a fellow greek.

After class I was wiped out for about an hour and a half.  And since then I have felt really good.  The soreness is mostly gone in my back.  I can feel some strangeness in my hips.  But its no longer strange for me to feel strangeness there.  I'm guessing that someday they will settle down, but who knows when.

The surprising thing was my weight was down to 218.  That's four pounds in the last week, which is very dramatic for me at this stage.  Given how hot the class was, some of it was probably water weight, but I'm doing comparisons of after class weighings, so the difference shouldn't be that much.  I'll be very curious to see whether my weight keeps dropping during the challenge, or if it levels off somewhere.

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