Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 6 -- Slow and Steady

9:30 am with Lynette

Class was almost completely unremarkable, which is good.  In terms of the poses, the high points were:

Standing Bow Pulling -- I made it through one set on each side without falling out.  And on the right side, my hip wasn't coming too badly out of alignment.

Half Locust -- It didn't suck.  And it didn't hurt that much.  I get the feeling with this pose that once the body gets closer to vertical, the pose probably gets easier.  Trying to hold the entire body up at less than a 45 degree angle just has to be harder in terms of leverage and torque.  Someday I' might even find out.

Spinal Twist -- Recently I've been able to grab my front knee, which I thought was a breakthrough.  Today, I felt some real moving and twisting as I did the twist.  It felt like I was actually moving something, instead of just looking over my shoulder and thinking about moving.  

I tried coconut water after class for the first time.  I've heard raves about it.  It tasted OK, but I really couldn't see what the big deal was.  Of course, I don't know what I was expecting it to do.  I just can't see how its worth the incredible price they charge for it.

Another big plus with the challenge is that people in the studio are talking more with each other after class, and seem to be taking an interest in each other.  I hadn't thought too much about this aspect of the challenge before, but it strikes me that its really good for the health of the studio for people to get to know each other, and for a sense of camaraderie to develop.  I see it as something that should last long after the challenge ends.

Finally, the soreness seems to be creeping up on me.  Today, it was my right hip, the shoulders, and the middle of my back.  My back feels again like it did after the first few days of practice -- there's a lingering soreness that goes away when I pay careful attention to good posture.  If I keep my back straight, its fine.  But when I get lazy and hunch or slouch at all, it tells me to behave myself.  Maybe I should listen.

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