Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day Seven

4:30 pm with Zeb

Despite the soreness yesterday, I woke up feeling good, and didn''t have any particular soreness at all during the day.

The class was basically good.  I felt fine all the way through.  For me, Zeb is a tough teacher.  I can't verify it, but I think he holds the postures longer than some of the other teachers, and he does not give much time between postures, especially in the standing series.  I think this is so because we seem to go straight from set to set, and pose to pose in the standing series with him.  And yet, the series took about 5-8 minutes longer than usual.

In the end, this makes the class hard.  And I'm really feeling it now, especially in the shoulders and the mid-back.  But that's what I'm there for, so no real complaints.

It was another day with no real breakthroughs.  The low point was spitting up almost an entire orange, during Locust of course.  Actually, the low point was putting my face into it for the third part of the pose -- yuck!  Afterwards, Zeb saw what had happenned and brought me some tissues to clean it up and get it out of the way.  No comments, but it was very nice of him.

I feel like I'm reaching a point where some things are really going to start to change.  I don't know how or when exactly, but I am looking forward to it.

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