Sunday, September 28, 2008


2:30 pm with Amy

I was a bit anxious about class today.  First, there is the ordinary 2:30 eating problem.  Basically, I go into these classes without having eaten since the day before, and that can always present a problem.  Today, I was going in with little sleep.  I dropped Yanzi at the airport at 4:30 am, did not go to sleep beforehand, so I finally got to bed for a couple of hours starting at around 6 am.

Class was a bit more challenging than the recent classes, but it was not the crushing exercise in endurance that I thought it might be.  I caught myself sliding into the old tics a few times too many, but I didn't indulge myself in them.  So I pretty well managed to stay still between postures.  Things started to get bad in Triangle, and then for the rest of the standing series.  But, I could manage them, barely, with normal breath.  So I was good to go.

I wouldn't identify anything as particularly standout today.  Balancing was  bit better than usual.  Fixed firm sucked.  Camel and Rabbit were both good.  I had some spitting up problems with Locust, but Full Locust and Floor Bow were both better than usual.

If anything, I'd say that today I was a bit more aware of the heat than I have been.  It wasn't especially hot.  For the middle part of the class, it seemed a bit cool.  But for some reason, from Rabbit to the end, Amy adjusted the heat or humidity four times.  My spot is right in front of the controls, so its basically impossible for me not to notice this.  And I seemed to feel the fluctuations beyond how they reasonably should have effected me.  After Rabbit, changes in the heat should make little or no difference.  The rest of the class is not all that taxing.  But today, maybe because Amy made an issue of it by fiddling with the controls, I allowed it to get to me and felt myself sort of suffering through the easy final stretches.  Sometime, its hard to figure why things matter when they really should not.

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