Tuesday, September 16, 2008


4:30 pm with Miranda

Pranayama used to be a fairly easy way to ease into class.  Ever since Tu showed me how to suck in my stomach and really lift the chest, its become harder and harder.  Today, by the middle of the second set I was getting dizzy.  I know, I know, I've been told again and again that getting dizzy in this exercise is good.  But it's totally new to start feeling wiped out only 6-7 minutes in the class.  Actually, I guess that was how it was at the beginning.  What is totally new is to feel like I'm recovering in Awkward Pose.

Today's class was good and pretty standard.  The first forward bend is no longer an exercise in terror, which is a big improvement over the last few weeks.  I'm still not trying to straighten my legs much in this pose, just letting gravity and a slight pull stretch out my back.  But that seems to be making all of the difference with the sciatic problem.

The balancing series was pretty strong again.  I fell out of Standing Head to Knee on three out of the four sets, but I only had time to get back into it once.  I'm getting deeper into the left side of Standing Bow -- I'm pretty amazed at seeing my foot, then heel, then ankle and a bit more over my head.  Balancing Stick is still hit or miss.  If I get into it properly, then its good.  Otherwise, I either can't go down or can't keep my balance.

The big pose for today was Triangle.  Nothing major happened, it just felt good.  And triangle almost never feels good for me.  I could actually see the triangles that they talk about, I felt a good stretch up and down, and I had no temptation to come out early.  My left hip was getting in the way of the left side of this pose, but that's another limitation that seems to be coming to an end.

Floor series was pretty good.  Strong in all of the back strengthening series.  Miranda even complimented my Locust.  I'm going to have to ask someone how far my feet are coming off the ground in this someday.  But I know that when I do, the pose will be a bust for me.  Fixed Firm was as bad as its been.  But Camel and especially Rabbit were strong today.

The rest of the area is not so good.  Centerpoint Energy expects to get power to half of its customers in the next ten days.  That means that two weeks after the storm there will still be a million homes in Houston without power.  We are having a nice cool wave right now, but that won't last.  When things start heating up, people will start to get really angry.

And the grocery situation, even where we are, is not that good.  The local store today got a shipment of bread.  And they still have some canned goods.  But there is no meat, no fish, no vegetables, no frozen food, no milk, no eggs, no dairy of any sort.  There is some fruit, but its already starting to rot.  The store is running on generators only, and so they won't be getting any fresh deliveries at least until their power is restored.  And that's just an inconvenience.  Only 20 miles away people have it really bad.

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