Thursday, September 25, 2008

94/100 Best Class Ever

4:30 pm with Miranda

With my thoughts about pacing fresh, I went into class determined not to do any of the small cheats that I've allowed myself.  And two thirds of the way in, it seemed like I had more reserves than I've had before.  I made myself stay still.  Only once I caught myself bending forward between postures to put my hands on my knees.  I didn't wipe off the sweat once.  I didn't blow my nose.  More important, I didn't anticipate Miranda calling change, and only came out of the poses when I heard her say so.  And everything was great.  I know that that might just be co-incidence.  But I did feel like just staying still and focused was making a positive difference.

I had an amazing balancing series.  I fell out of Standing Head to Knee only once.  I got deeper into Standing Bow than I have before.  And I was pretty good in Balancing Stick as well.

The floor series was also good, especially Locust and Full Locust.  I found some ability to bend my back in Full Locust that has totally changed the feeling of the pose anymore.  I'm now actually beginning to feel my middle back muscles working.  And the pose feels something like a stretch, instead of just an exercise in futility.

All in all, it was just a wonderful class.  And it would have been perfectly fitting as a 100th class, but I will settle for just the 100th day.  I'm more and more amazed at how good the yoga feels each day, especially considering how rough the end of the 60 day period was.  Now, going every day doesn't feel like a burden at all.  It's just normal.

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