Sunday, September 7, 2008


2pm with Amy

After two days in relatively cold classes, I decided to put myself into the hot part of the room.  And it was very hot.  There was almost no air movement, and it made class very challenging.  I made it through the standing series fairly well, but lost my strength in Locust (where else?). 

After class, I felt pretty wiped out.  Part of this may have been the heat.  Part of it is not eating anything all day before class.  It's been a while since a class beat me up this badly, and in a weird way I think that's good.  As Cisco said after class, "If you come out feeling really good and aren't spent, then we'd just send you back in for a double."

My flexibility was much better, especially in my knee and sore hip.  I was back onto my elbows in Fixed Firm.  And I could go down on my left leg in Toe Stand again, even though I didn't then hold it the full time.  

And I was a bit better in my forward bends, without angering my sciatic nerve at all.  I go back and forth on whether rest is what I need.  I'm sure it would help, but then I'm also sure that if I just stay within my limits that I can continue to do the yoga.

Tu's advice from yesterday stuck with me today, at least in pranayama and Cobra.  I'm getting the sort of soreness in my lower back which comes along with strengthening.  And I get the feeling that if I keep focusing on locking all those hip muscles, that I will eventually be able to do without my hands pressing on the floor.  That would be very cool.

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