Monday, September 15, 2008

84/90 Studio Reopens

4:30 pm with Miranda

The studio opened again today, and stands as an oasis of sanity.  Missouri City, which basically has no problems at all, is under a 9pm to 6am curfew for the next week!  As near as I can tell, the only purpose of the curfew is to keep peoples anxieties well honed.

Two days off has made a world of difference.  I felt better today than I have in many years.  My nagging injuries (hip and knee) were not bothering me at all, and everything else felt loose and good.  I did some cleaning up in the yard, and I felt strong and had really good stamina even doing what I would ordinarily think of as heavy lifting.

For the most part, this feeling stuck with me during class.  The big surprise was Eagle.  My shoulder flexibility took a big leap, and I got my hands into full prayer position on both sides.  It wasn't even a struggle.  Something just opened up, and what had always seemed impossible was suddenly easy.

The balancing series was middling.  I had one very good set of Standing Bow, and Standing Head to Knee was OK, but I didn't have the focus that I would like.  The good news is that I didn't have the tightness in my left hip on either Standing Bow or Balancing Stick.  I may finally be overcoming the sciatic problem (fingers crossed).

Floor series was pretty good.  I had a pretty big mean only two hours before class, and Mexican food no less.  So I was grateful not to have any bad spitting up problems.  I even managed one strong set of Locust.  The second set, however, was a bit of a bust.  Everything else was pretty standard for me these days.  I couldn't get down on my elbows in Fixed Firm.  Camel and Rabbit were both pretty good.  My sit-ups were better than they have been in weeks (again because my hip and sciatic nerve were not bothering me).

To make up the missed days on the challenge, I think I'm going to try to gradually play catch-up.  Maybe two doubles a week for the next three weeks, assuming we don't have any more hurricanes.  And even then, I'm going to lean more on the side of making the classes up gradually.  I just don't want to push myself too hard and risk re-aggravating any of these near injuries.

And I'm also going to have to start riding my bicycle to yoga for the next few days.  I'm down to about 100 miles left on my gas tank.  The current waits for gas, when it is available, looks like it is somewhere around 2-3 hours.  I'm really hoping that the panic will ease in the next couple of days, and that I can wait that period out before filling up.

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