Monday, September 15, 2008

83/89 More Ike

No yoga yesterday or today.  Now, I would have to do 6 doubles in 11 days, assuming the studio opens tomorrow.  And that may be a long shot.

We came through the storm just fine.  Two sections of fence in the backyard collapsed, and a tree in the front lost a few big branches.  Other than that, we are fine.   Power was off for about 40 hours, and last night was really hot.  But all things considered, the storm here was just an inconvenience. 

Folks just to the north of us did not fare so well.  The storm surge devastation is pretty incredible -- whole stretches of beach houses are just gone.  There isn't even much debris where they stood, the water washed everything away so completely.  Further inland, it looks like the major problems are loss of power, and lack of food.  But it also looks like things are fairly well organized and moving in the right direction.

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