Thursday, January 1, 2009

161/196 Happy New Year

9:30 am with Lenette

Only my second day back after break, and I was back into the form I left with.  It also just felt good to be in the room.  It was hot, the energy in the class was very high, and Lenette taught another great class.

Today, she was encouraging everyone to take the special kindness that they bring to the Christmas holidays and simply to extend them as long as we can through the New Year.  She said she was talking to someone who told her that he felt guilty because he just gave some money to a homeless person.  Not that that was wrong, but it hit him that he passed the same guy probably countless times the rest of the year, but only thought about doing something for him now.

Class went quickly.  I didn't sit out at all, and I managed to keep a "smiling, happy face" through most of it.  I got a good correction in Toe Stand.  To me, its pretty impressive that I can attempt to do Toe Stand at all now, since it was out of the question a short while ago.  Now I have to try to sit with my heel more toward the center of my butt, especially on the left side.  And I got a compliment in Camel.  Lenette has encouraged me to push the hips forward just a bit more.  I'm getting close to where they are supposed to be, and today with just a slight bit of encouragement I got the hips vertical over the knees.

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