Saturday, January 10, 2009


Friday 10:30 am with Miranda
Saturday 9:30 am with Amy

I missed posting yesterday, and its a bit more problematic with the daily passages from Meditations from the Mat, but I'll press along as best I can.

Yesterday's class was really nice.  My balance was good, and I felt very focused throughout.  I managed not to fall out of Standing Head to Knee for the first time in a long time.  I've backed up a bit in this pose recently.  I typically don't try to kick out in the first set, making really sure that I'm keeping a solidly locked knee.  I felt good in the other poses, and I even picked up both hands in Toe Stand for a microsecond.

This morning was one of those cold, sweaty mornings.  The humidifier never went on and it was still like 60% humidity.  The heat wasn't that high, but that never seems to matter when its that humid, at least not for me.  I sat out one set at the end of standing series, but otherwise was fine until Rabbit, when I just seemed to run out of air.  I came out of both sets of Rabbit early, then caught up with my breath and was fine again.

The high point today was Fixed Firm.  I got down all the way on my back.  Then came out of it because my knees were wanting to lift up, and I'm really trying to be careful on this one.  I also got a compliment from Amy on the first backbend, of all things.  I never get compliments on this pose, so that made me feel really good.  And I got a "beautiful" for my Triangle.  I wouldn't have gone that far, but it is looking better these days.

The last two days present two difficult passages.  The first passage basically has two thoughts:  1) shit happens and your practice isn't going to change that; 2) a commitment to your practice will help you when shit does happen; and 3) the commitment doesn't come through strength of will or determination, but rather through engaging in the practice itself.

The third idea I think is the most profound.  In some ways, what I think he's saying that the practice and the attitude that goes along with practice becomes a habit of being, and the more you engage in it, the more firmly rooted that habit will become.  This accords some with my limited exposure.  Before doing the first 60 day challenge, it seemed like it would be an enormous commitment, taking lots of determination.  There's another challenge coming up, and I may or may not do it, but doing it would only slightly push me beyond what I'm doing now.  

And I don't think this is because the yoga gets easier.   From what I can tell, it does not.  Instead, it seems like its just becoming a part of me, so the ease or the difficulty of it may not be relevant anymore.

I'm going to think some more on the Day 10 passage and post about it later...

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