Friday, May 15, 2009

94/134 - Liberation

Thursday off.

The last of the four goals/aims of yoga is liberation.  Gates explains that liberation occurs when you put all the work into the other aspects of yoga, and then can simply let go.  Letting go is the key to liberation.  When it occurs, "your struggles with the world will come to an end."

The timing for this meditation is almost perfect, because it basically repeats what Rohit said about struggling.  You put in all the energy and focus into what you are doing, but you do that without struggle.   It's really the same point told from a slightly different angle.  When we are letting go, what are we letting go of?  Mostly, its the struggling and the various forms that that struggling takes.

And both Gates and Rohit were clear that just refusing to struggle was not empty.  You have to first try your best (whether its in the form of a posture, or observing the yamas and niyamas, for example) and at the same time let go of the struggling that typically accompanies trying your best.  The thing now is to remember this idea, and try to put it into action.  

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