Sunday, August 23, 2009

163/235 Body Worker "Lines"

Sunday Off

The day 230 meditation talks about how recent discoveries in body work fit nicely with asana practice. Gate's uses the seated forward bend as his example and talks about expanding the "superficial back line."

The body work information sounds very interesting, and sometime I might want to read more about it. And I have no reason to doubt the usefulness that Gates finds in this way of thinking when applied to asana practice. Gates says its particularly good for designing a series of poses. That makes me think that it would be very interesting to see this sort of analysis applied to Bikram's 26+2.

But beyond that, this meditation does nothing for me. I know nothing about body work, much less about recent developments in it. So explaining asana by making reference to body work does nothing for me (except perhaps show me yet another area where I am ignorant, and whet my appetite to learn more about body practice). Aside from that, it simply sounds a bit like throwing on a layer of jargon on top of something and saying "Voila! An explanation."

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